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Denial Management

Denial as a concept is being discussed and understood in the workshop. Assignments are being carried out where one can personalize the general patterns of denial in their own life. Techniques to manage denials in one's life are explored. Finally, acceptance and problem solving, which is an antidote to denial are discussed and applied.

Relapse Prevention Techniques

What are triggers? What is a craving? How do triggers produce craving? Such questions are discussed at length. Then assignments, such as maintaining daily personal trigger charts are carried out. Further, how to avoid and extinguish one's triggers, and then how to manage and crush the feeling of cravings are worked out practically.

Being Assertive

Communication techniques such as how to be assertive while communicating are practiced. This helps not only in increasing our ability to both saying and listening to NO, but also helps to boost self esteem and gain other's respect.

Catharsis / Role Play/ Psychodrama

Techniques such as Catharsis are practiced to vent out repressed emotions. Regular psychodramas are scripted and performed by the students themselves. This helps in changing the meaning we attach to the experience we had in past, or it could help in mapping out future situations.