Addiction does not allow anybody to escape


Although he belonged to a well educated family, went to good schools, and was raised as an obedient, polite and well mannered person it did not prevent Ajay from starting his 6 years of rendezvous with heroin and cocaine.

Why he started using drugs! Probably it was an experiment or excitement shared with friends, he is not sure. But he is sure that, facing rejection at SSB interview, gave him license to use drugs aggressively. As a result, he started to borrow money excessively from everyone. By hiding his addiction from his family he manipulated them for a long time. Every day he had to travel 80 kms to secure his drugs. He tried number of times to quit his habit but failed all the times. His family no longer could withstand his deteriorating condition and discovered the Hermitage, to get him treated. Next thing he knew was "going" into 'withdrawals' from drugs at Hermitage.

“I knew I was really not looking for help in the beginning, but I was having nightmares in sleep. I used to wake up crying, craving and miserable. But slowly as I was becoming part of the rehab’s program those nightmares were gone and I was relearning how to sleep like a baby.” says Ajay. Both he and his family started learning about the cunning nature of addiction. “That was the time I got interested in getting clean, for real. I learnt how to protect myself from triggers and associations and handle my cravings.”

Thanks to Dr JPS Bhatia and his team at Hermitage for not only saving one life but a whole family