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From the moment Hermitage was started as a drug rehab center in Amritsar, a holy city which had been flooded with drugs recently, The Hermitage and its founder Dr JPS Bhatia have received considerable international media acclaim as one of the top addiction treatment centers in North India.


Women addicts being counselled by Dr Jagdeep Pal Singh Bhatia and his team at The Hermitage in Amritsar

From drugs to rehab: It’s now a couple thing in Punjab

Women who cannot afford to buy drugs depend on men for supply and are soft targets for sexual exploitation. JPS BHATIA, psychiatrist

Doctors say it is not uncommon for women to get addicted to drugs due to the frustration of dealing with an addict husband and in­house availability of drugs such as heroin.

People Who Fought and Won Against Drug Addiction

Zindagi Live Returns- People Who Fought and Won Against Drug Addiction- On 1st April 2017

Digital heroin emerging major threat among mobile crazy youth

Not only the substance addiction is taking lives of Punjabi youth but with the vast popularity and unabated use of internet, the screen addiction has also emerged as a potent threat for people of all age groups using mobile phones, which is causing major behavioral disorders as well as impotency.

Finally, Tarn Taran admn officially opens up on drug trade in Punjab

‘Agg lagge Nashean de vapar nu, Jihne dob ditta Ankhi Punjab nu’ (May the drug trade burn in hell, as it has ruined self-respectful Punjab) was the slogan that appeared on the banners displayed at the district-level high profile drug awareness function organised by the district administration at Indoor Stadium here on Tuesday.

Rajdeep sardesai On The Hermitage

The world needs to understand a few things. This can make a difference in the life of s lot of people. I, Dr. Bhata am thankful to Rajdeep sardesai to have given a space for exactly this.

Today , we had the privilege to be visited by a wizard from the world of NEWS.

In a unique interaction with Rajdeep Sardesai , the producer and much loved anchor of Aaj Tak and India Today ,Dr. Jps Bhatia shared his vision of drug and alcohol free India with the help of The Hermitage Rehab Program.

During a candid discussion about the high success rate of Dr. Bhatia's rehab " The Hermitage "

Here lies the misconception said Dr Bhatia. Everybody thinks that this disease has a " Fit All " treatment. But , that is not the case. He said that we actually require Scientific Structured Treatment Programs.

Punjab: Tales of women who are fighting drug addiction

The women who earlier avoided male-dominated rehabilitation centres are keen to get treated themselves at this rehabilitation centre which will soon return about a dozen women to the mainstream life.

Sons Love, Bring Life In Women Life

Sons Love, Bring Life In Women Life

Addiction In Blood. During De-Addiction Treatment Give Birth To Child

Addiction In Blood. During De-Addiction Treatment Give Birth To Child

Suicide prevention requires sensitive approach:Expert

Suicide prevention requires sensitive approach:Expert.... Dr. Anjali Chhabria


26 October- Few people of Punjab know about the intersex awareness day, The day is observed on 26 October every year Bhatia neuropsychiatric hospital observed “The intersex Awareness day”. This day is internationally designed to highlight the issues faced by the INTERSEX & LGHT( Lesbian Gay Heterosexual Transsexual) communities all over the world.....

Family Rehab Home With Women Integrated Treatment (WIT)

The first drug rehabilitation centre for women in Punjab....

Epidemic of drug addiction now grips Punjabs women too

Once a male-only problem, the epidemic of drug addiction has now gripped Punjab's women too.

Punjab: Tales of women who are fighting drug addiction

There are several women - Mona, Neelam, Indu, Deeksha - who got addicted to drugs at different junctures of life are fighting drug addiction.

Punjab’s first drug rehab for women to be opened in ...

The first drug rehabilitation centre for women in Punjab will be inaugurated here on May 22. With a capacity of 25 patients at a time, it is being ...

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