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From the moment Hermitage was started as a drug rehab center in Amritsar, a holy city which had been flooded with drugs recently, The Hermitage and its founder Dr JPS Bhatia have received considerable international media acclaim as one of the top addiction treatment centers in North India.

Hundreds, led by Fauja Singh take part in Amritsar `Run for the City' and Citizen Walk, ahead of city's first Marathon

The contingents from The Hermitage led by Dr. JPS Bhatia displayed the banners and slogans against the rising menace of drugs addiction.

India's Punjab overwhelmed by heroin addicts

Doctor J.P.S. Bhatia has witnessed the problem of addiction in Punjab from close quarters. When the psychiatrist set up his hospital in 1991, he would see one or two drug-related cases a week. Today, out of the 130 patients he sees every day, some 70 to 80 percent are battling with drug addiction. In response to the expanding scale of the problem, Bhatia set up a rehab center for recovering addicts in 2003.

Anti-drug campaign to spread awareness in Punjab

Over 100 families want to spread this light through 'Wisdom Club', formed by DR. JPS Bhatia, a renowned psychotherapist. Apart from medical treatment, Bhatia counsels the patients to reject drugs. "We have taken addiction as a disease. And we have drafted a plan to counter this disease.

We have drawn it up according to the Punjabi culture. We do not follow the western style. So this programme of combating the addiction is planned to take care of Punjabi population, culture, beliefs, and identity. We are also focusing on the NRI's from the outside states. We try to understand their psychology and motivate them. We take the help of religion. We work on the patients with a very humanistic approach," said J.P.S. Bhatia, a psychotherapist related to de-addiction of drugs.

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