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Denial Management

Denial as a concept is being discussed and understood in the workshop. Assignments are being carried out where one can personalize the general patterns of denial in their own life. Techniques to manage denials in one's life are explored. Finally, acceptance and problem solving, which is an antidote to denial are discussed and applied.

Family Program

The nature of the disease of Addiction is such that even the family is not able to identify it. Moreover the addict is not able to cope up with this disease alone. Assistance and help of family is needed to come out of this deadly disease.

Family meeting to raise awareness

Family meetings are held to raise awareness and to know about the disease and the psychological condition of the patient to understand him in a better way.

Family intervention education

Learning to deal with the disease.

Family Support System

Families are often the forgotten members in the world surrounding drug addiction and alcoholism. For every student that comes through the door of the hermitage there is a very loving family, which is disturbed and concerned not only about their patient, but also about their own selves as well.

It is very common for families to be at crossroads about how to deal with someone with an addiction problem. There are disagreements and even confrontations about how to handle certain situations. Within a very short span of time the whole family unit gets disturbed by the person’s addictive behavior.

At Hermitage we put great emphasis on providing support and information to the families of anyone dealing with addiction issues. This support may be through our family program where family support group meetings are held every Tuesday and Friday from 10 to 1 pm at Bhatia hospital. These meetings provide a great platform for-

  • Family of current recovering addicts can talk to and relate to the families of graduates. All the issues which had been bothering them all the time can be discussed openly without any taboos.
  • Elements of mutual respect is introduced within the family
  • Culture of recovery begins at home.
  • Family gains correct scientific knowledge about drug addiction and how to deal with addicts at home.

This group is available to anyone who feels that he has a problem of addiction in the family, even if he has never been a part of Hermitage Recovery programs. It is an open family meeting platform.