Say Yes To Life, No To Depression Rehabilitation Centre

Depression Rehabilitation Centre

Say Yes to Life, No to Depression

Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. It’s a period marked by sadness and lack of motivation. Depression is prevalent in India, with a recent report indicating that one-third of the population is depressed.

Experts have estimated that depression will be a leading cause of disability across the globe by 2020. Though depression is common and as normal as someone with cough, social stigma is attached to it. People either do not take it seriously or feel it get cured on its own or stereotype those suffering from it.

As a result, 25% of those affected, do not seek help. The need of the hour is to raise awareness and encourage people to seek timely help. Depression can be managed with the help of a specialist. Seven out of ten patients receiving treatment are able to beat depression.

Compliance with treatment regimen is critical for successful therapy. Medications for management of symptoms can help free patients of anxiety, mood swings, and insomnia.  Counseling said reassurances are important alleviating negative thoughts. Family and friends can play an important role in recovery. Patients must be encouraged to beat depression by saying yes to life.