ROLE OF CRITICS IN OUR SOCIETY/ life care drug treatment and rehabilitation

life care drug treatment and rehabilitation


We are well aware of the role of critics in Bollywood movies, Reality shows, etc. but we are totally ignorant towards the critic in us and in the society whom we are always in contact with. Most of our behaviors and reactions are governed by such critical remarks. The critics around us are of 4 types:

1)      Narcissistic Critics :- They are the people who are habitually criticizing people around them as it is a part of their survival mechanism and their effort is all directed towards minimizing the role of other people so as to signify their own role because they are threatened of their extinction. They are the most difficult people to live with.

2)      Protector Critics :- They are another type of critics who are suffering from low self-esteem and they are in a discomfort with the people around who have been excelling in some avenue of their life. They also act through their survival to judge and find out faults in others so as to protect their identity.

3)      Ignorant Critics :- They are the people who are really not aware of the whole scenario and they start pointing out negative acts and any strange events out of their ignorance. They pass judgments out of ignorance just to recognize their own existence. These people never understand the other person’s situation. These people are also struggling with their own survival.

4)      Well-Wishers :- Such people give feedback for the betterment and growth of the person concerned. They are very good guides. They will point out the weaker part of you and will very well help you to overcome problems you have. These people always keep you in win-win situation and are always available whenever you need them. They will not merely act for their survival but as per their wisdom.


So if we are aware of the type of critic around us, we can take that criticism in a positive way without being answerable and using it to the best of our growth, development and ability.