Rehabs For Alcoholism Treatment in Punjab

Rehab For Alcoholism

Rehabs For Alcoholism Treatment in Punjab

The Hermitage is a licensed and most reckoned Rehab for Alcoholism and Drug addiction in northern India. The Rehab for Alcoholism and Drugs is situated in the holy city Amritsar. Spread over about 4 acres , it is completely a luxury rehab. The Hermitage Program SAT ( structured addiction treatment ) is broadly divided into two segments MIT (men integral treatment) and WIT (woman integrated treatment). Since SAT gives great stress on physical fitness and environmental therapy, there is a well-equipped gym, a swimming pool, volleyball and badminton courts , cricket , table tennis etc. There is also a very well maintained Jogger's park. Unlike an ordinary rehab for alcoholism and drugs The Hermitage has a ‘HOLISTIC’ scientific structured program. The program aims at total transformation via physical ,mental ,emotional, spiritual and social growth of an addict. The Rehab program caters to learning skills required for total ABSTINENCE of alcohol ,not just harm reduction, which is the self-defeating approach taken by ordinary Rehabs for alcoholism. The Hermitage Rehabs for Alcoholism Treatment in Punjab and drugs offers a unique program designed by a renowned Addiction Psychiatrist, Dr. JPS Bhatia, MD(PSYCHIATRY), FIPS, MAPA(USA ). He graduated from GMC Amritsar. He earned his degree in PG Psychiatry from DMC Ludhiana in 1991. He went to the Browns Hospital New York for specialization in the field of addiction.

After this, commenced his passionate and revolutionary journey to fight the demon of Addiction with his de-addiction and Rehab Program. It has been a journey spanning more than 24 years. From an amateur missionary to a celebrity in achievement and research in the field of rehab for alcoholism ,he has come a long way. He has participated in various National and International symposiums, seminars, conferences and workshops on drug addiction and other Mental health programs. He was invited to participate in the Workshop on the “Principles of Running Rehab for alcoholism and Drug Addiction. He was also invited to the workshop at " The Cabin" at Chang Mai , in Thailand conducted by Dr. Terry Gorky, the founder of Recovery program in the world. He was invited to the workshop in Vienna. which was a comprehensive exercise and revealed various dimensions about world drug and alcohol abuse and its prevention. He visited Central Jail with Dr. Kiran Bedi (first IPS female officer of India) to assist her to establish rehab for De-addiction in the high-security jail premises . He also presented a paper before the Chief Justice of India in the Supreme court of India about, "the situation and steps required to control the menace of drug and alcohol addiction". He has written 3 books on addiction and various articles in newspapers and Dailies. He has been interviewed by various international and national TV channels , like BBC , IBN , CNN.

The program that he has devised is based on his vast experience , the study of various programs , school of thought and belief system. The outline of the Hermitage program (SAT) for the rehab for alcoholism and drugs is as follows:

1. The program is run by trained professionals who are state-accredited or licensed.

2. Psychiatrists directly involved in patient care, and doctor meets with the indoor patients every day.

3. The facility is clean, organized and well-run.

4. The program covers the full range of individual medical needs through vitals examination twice a day.

5. The program addresses sexual and confidential issues of patients.

6. The whole program is sensitive to age, gender and cultural background of patients.

7. There is long-term aftercare follow up and fellowship integrated system.

8. The treatment plan is continuously assessed and upgraded to incorporate the latest techniques and medicinal developments in the field of rehab for alcoholism.

9. The rehab strives to engage and keep the addict in a long-term treatment, which increases the chances of success.

10. The SAT imbibes counseling and other behavioral therapies that enhance the ability to function in the family. We also have FIT(Family Integrated Treatment) an extensive therapy program for the family to understand the disease of Addiction and the rehab process of an addict.

11. Medicines are used along with counseling and therapies (individual and group)

12. There is constant monitoring of possible relapse to help the person return to self-discipline.

13. There are referrals offered to family members to ensure they understand the process and support the patients in recovery.