Impulse Control Disorder / Behavior Problems Treatment in Punjab and India

Impulse Control Disorder


Impulse Control Disorder/ Behavior Problems Treatment in Punjab and India: This affects family, relationships, finances, jobs/workplace & emotional health of the addict. To know why and how it works , we have to realize the HIGH one gets from the use of the net. He gets emotionally attached to it. He is totally in a different world now. In this state, he does not care even for his personal hygiene, sleep, family or food. The craving is so overpowering that even eating & excreting, the basic activities of life start depending on the internet. After reaching such a situation, he lies , steals , and avoids everything which interrupts his continuous use of Internet.

Anger, shyness & assertiveness are the hallmark personality traits of net addicts. The situation deteriorates when co-occurring disorders also start cropping in , like psychosis .

Like mentioned earlier the age group falling in the internet addiction is mostly between 12yrs to 17yrs. According to psychologists, it is due to the undeveloped prefrontal cortex of the brain which is the front portion behind the forehead. This portion of the brain works as the controlling and moral agent which differentiates between the positive and negative effects of all activities. In the human brain, this portion gets fully developed by the age of 18 years and its coordination with other parts of the brain gets completed between 20 and 25yrs. This is the reason why the children between the age of 12 and 17 fall into internet addiction as at this stage their pre frontal cortex is not developed and ready to guide them about the pros and cons of their activities. The people who become internet addicts in this age have an erratic prefrontal cortex and after indulging in this addictive kind of games, this portion of the brain stops working completely.

Now , if we analyze our options, we find that the Internet plays a vital role in the present scenario and we can't abstain our children from using it as even their studies are dependent upon it. So it is our moral duty to explain the uses and abuses, and the negative impact of the internet usage on the children. Parents should supervise and be aware, while the child is on the internet. Children should not be allowed to use the smartphones and they should not be permitted to use their computer alone in a locked room. The teachers should be careful and they should not make the students dependent upon the internet, as they are very often told to complete their assignments with the help of the internet. With the result, under the guise of school work they get glued to the computer for long durations. The children are vulnerable and get attracted towards the unhealthy objectionable websites. All schools should give compulsory counseling regarding the uses and abuses of the internet usage.

These are some of the measures which can be taken but most importantly we need to look at this in another dimension. What we need is to work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "completion" of the child's growth. Once the child is strong from the "SELF" ,he would not require any external substance addiction or the internet to complete himself and fulfill the hollowness of his life. As parents and teachers, our job becomes of a trainer of mind who would show the way to the pupil but not try to make the road smoother or easier.

Internet or substance users live in a false paradise which is completely opposite to the real world which requires constant action for survival.

A structured family intervention, complimented with dynamic behavior modification plan, along with an individual therapy program can reverse this.

To sum up we can say that if we can coordinate the development of human brain by feeding it with the right ingredients and correct contents then one can successfully lead a healthy life without any addiction.