How important are warning signs of schizophrenia?

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How important are warning signs of schizophrenia?

A seminar was conducted on “The importance of warning signs of schizophrenia” at Bhatia Neuropsychiatric hospital, Amritsar held by Dr. JPS Bhatia ( Addiction psychiatrist ) & Dr. Arshed.

As per our experience over the years, the early symptoms the teenagers come up with which are

-withdrawal from family & friends.

-lack of motivation & concentration.

-drop in performance at school.


-trouble sleeping.

-irritability or depressed mood.

-problem in memory and attention

Sometimes somatic symptoms such as :-

-persistent headache

-obsessive features such as body image

While schizophrenia is best known for episodes of psychosis-A break with reality, it’s also marked by chronic neuro cognitive deficits such as sudden difficulties in reading, concentrating or remembering things in the earliest days of disorder.

When mental health professionals asses people coming in for evaluation, our teams focus is on identifying early warning signs and then developing intervention to improve a person’s chances for better prognosis, making it milder or delaying it. Also families develop hope and can affectively take care of individuals. A significant number of people are able to lead a healthy and normal life with treatment.