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Our Approach


Recovery Through Life Skills Management

  • Identification
  • Work Skills Enhancement
  • Family Support Groups
  • Increasing pain threshold (Emotional and Physical)
  • Self Responsibility
  • Groups and Individual Counseling

Personality Development

  • Physical
    • Personal Hygiene awareness
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Alternating healing Options (Yoga, Maditation etc.)
    • Daily exercise regime / Sports.
  • Mental
    • No extra thinking
    • Taking things at face value.
    • Redefining words through therapy.
    • Working on pleasure/discomfort axis.
    • Learning to cope with boredom.
    • Celebration of life.
  • Social
    • Positive group interactions with other addicts.
    • Eye contact.
    • Body language.
    • Confidence building measures.
      • Public speaking
      • Healing of the self through tasks completion.
    • Social awareness.
      • Caring and sharing
      • Sensitivity towards others
      • Empathy
      • Replacing I with We
  • Spiritual
    • Getting in touch with inner self.
    • Daily prayers.
    • Contemplation.
    • Meditation.
    • Reaching out to others.
    • Community service.

HERMITAGE brought me back from the DEAD...

It is difficult to explain how I feel about THE HERMITAGE. It is a place which has given me a SECOND LIFE...

Mr. Nitin
Mr. Nitin

A place for HOPE N HELP...

Dr Bhatia and team cleared my doubts that drinking alcohol is not a defect of character or a habit...The patient is drinking not because he is immoral or it is lack of will power. He drinks because he has a disease .He explained this scientifically .Dr.Bhatia is a humble and generous doctor who calmly listens to your woes, doubts ; past experiences and guides .He simply provides a ray of light in the darkness to the patient and in family membes lives...thankyou Dr.Bhatia.

Nidhi Arora
Nidhi Arora

Addiction does not allow anybody to escape

A person addicted to drugs finds himself quite isolated and alone. His family and friends alienate him. As he struggles with his addiction his relations are destroyed. The excitement which lures one into drugs slowly becomes a constant circle of carelessness, criminal activity, and numbness


Hermitage graduate grows stronger in Sikhism faith

Alcoholism is a condition where a person has a physical dependence on alcohol, craves it and has withdrawal symptoms if he or she tries to quit. Punjab has a drug problem like other states of India. Drug traffickers make their way into the area and make the state a hub of their operations.

Dr. Kawaljeet
Dr. Kawaljeet

It took only one drag of smack for jasbeer

It took only one drag of smack for Jasbeer to realize that he had found a new way to feel comfortable in his life. He was no longer in any doubt, fear or worry. He became unconcerned about the trouble he was experiencing at work with his father and his wife at home.